# Workflows

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# Most used actions

  • Concatenate Tags: View doc
  • Replace the value of an attribute: See doc
  • Switch a response to livechat: See doc
  • Pass a respondent in livechat waiting: View doc
  • Create a tag of a given length: See doc
  • Modify the memory of the bot (attributes and tags): See doc
  • Trigger a workflow from a workflow See doc
  • Set up Trello workflows : See doc

# Allow livechat operators to trigger a workflow

To save time and optimize the user experience, you can enable the use of workflows from the livechat.

This will allow you to:

  • Save the livechat operators' time so that they do not have to leave the livechat interface
  • Simplify the life of your livechat operators. No need to know how to use SAP, Salesforce, ... directly from the livechat interface create the opportunity in SAP, report a bug in Easy Vista, ...
  • Bring a crazy experience to the chatbot users. The chatbot/human mix is the best in terms of response time/quality of response.

To do this is very simple. Let's take an example with the creation of a ticket on Github.

You create the workflow, with the action you connect to your Github account.


In the window that opens when you click on Define fields, you can decide which fields will be customizable by the livechat operator.

In our example, we want to leave the possibility to customize only the title and the description of the ticket (from the information retrieved in live chat).

Then you have to go to the Conversation part, you select a respondent and at the top you can Select a workflow to launch manually.

When you click on Github, you have a window that opens on the right with the information to launch the workflow. Hovering over a field will show the value that is already set for that respondent if the respondent has already given that information.

You are free to keep this value or to modify it. Then click on Run workflow.

In our case, the Github ticket will be created with the information entered directly from the livechat.