Important Information

We advise you to always attach a version to an environment.

It is possible to edit a version that is not linked to an environment but you will not have access to all the features and you will not be able to test the version.

You can create a new environment before editing your version and then delete it afterwards without worrying.

# Introduction

We have added this feature at the beginning of 2021, which has been much requested.

It will allow you to manage several versions and several environments of your chatbot.

It materializes on the dashboard with 2 interfaces:

  • A topbar that shows you the version and the environment you are currently editing topbar versions
  • the version and environment management interface accessible by clicking on settings of the topbar and here is a visual version interface

With this feature you can:

  • Have 2 versions of your chatbot (production and staging for example)
  • Change the production version in 1 click without impacting your users.

# Technical details

To simplify the interface as much as possible, we mix elements that are specific to the version and the environment on the same interface.

There are still some elements that are related to the chatbot.

The list of users who can edit, see, the chatbot will be the same on all versions and environments.

All the statistics (and respondent data) are linked to the environment.

This will allow you, among other things, to put a new version in production without losing the statistics of the previous week.


The sharing URL is also environment specific. You can share your production URL very quickly and add content little by little without any problem.

We decided to link all content (and NLU) to the release.

The advantage is that you can train a new NLU in staging and when it is satisfactory, you can switch it to production.


When you create a new version, the NLU will not be trained. Don't forget to click on train before contacting our support 😈