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# Automatic configuration

In order to quickly set up a simple demonstration bot or to enrich an existing bot with a large volume of structured data in seconds or minutes, the platform offers different ways to import content and configurations from an Excel file.

# Initialization import

This type of import is dedicated to the quick creation of a functional bot with simple features.

// TODO when the interface is finalized, put the screenshots here

# ℹ️ To know

  • Make sure you always have the latest version of the template file (available via the dedicated link at the time of creation of the bot)

  • All lines in the file where a cell contains the text "delete this line" will be ignored during automatic configuration

  • For the moment, the supported languages for the automatic configuration are French 🇫🇷 and English 🇬🇧

# Tab names define the type of skills

// TODO specify the way skills are built according to the tab names (new version)

  • It is possible to have several sheets of type "Selfacre / procedure". To be recognized as such during the execution of the automatic configuration, their name must include the term procedure (all variants are accepted: with accents, in capital letters, ...). And all this plus whatever the chosen language is

# The introduction skill

The chatbot's introduction skill is set on the "Your intro" tab. Here, only one thing to define: the message that will welcome your users when the bot is loaded.

During the import this skill is also automatically provided with :

  • an "alternative message", i.e. when a respondent goes through this skill again, he will see "What do you want to see now?"

  • buttons redirecting to the different skills described in the other sheets of the file

# Skills FAQ

From a sheet structured as above, the automatic configuration of a type skill proceeds as follows:

  • A first level 0 resource, FAQ menu, is created. It has the message: "Here are the topics I know about. What do you want to see?" and has as many buttons as there are skills (as well as a "Menu" button, which allows to go back to the introductory skill)

  • For each Category (column A), a level 1 resource is created with

    • for title the text the name of the category (e.g. "Travel").
    • the message: "What would you like to know about [Category name]? (e.g. "What would you like to know about Travel?")
    • for suggested answers, as many items as there are rows for that Category. Each button will have for text the content of the corresponding cell in column B. For example: For the category "Travel", the corresponding resource will have three suggested answers: "Rental Coverage", "Equipment Coverage" and "Credit Card Insurance". The logic of each suggestion is configured to redirect to the corresponding level 2 resource.
  • The level 2 resources are built with the text in column D as the message

  • For level 1 and 2 resources, the following is also configured:

    • a "keyword" equal to the title of the resource in question
    • the display of the "Back" (to return to the previous level resource) and "Menu" (to return to the introductory skill)

ℹ️ Remarks :

  • The column "User's question" is not useful for the bot's configuration script; it only has an bot configuration script; it has only an illustration value for the user who fills the file.
  • In order to make the FAQ more "accessible" as soon as the bot is opened and the user enters the file for the first time, the parameter of NLU "Algorithm of extraction of intentions and entities" is deactivated at the time of the import of the file.

# Compétences Selfcare (Procédure linéaire)


# Compétences Action (avec workflows)


# Burger menu

The "burger" menu (or persistent menu) of the bot is built automatically and includes entries to the following skills following competences:

  • the FAQ, Selfcare and Actions skills described in the file
  • the Feedback skill
  • the Introduction skill